Verslag Noodhulp Overstromingen

Beste gever,

U hebt bijgedragen aan de noodhulp na de modderstromen op 14 augustus 2017, die Lamin & Jayne Dumbuy uit Sierra Leone gegeven hebben. Wij ontvingen van hen een verslag met daarin een overzicht en een video van wat zij gedaan hebben en een dank aan u als gever! Klik hier voor de video

Stichting Kushe heeft in totaal € 970 ontvangen. Dit hebben wij overgemaakt naar de organisatie waar Lamin & Jayne voor werken (samenwerkingsverband Tear Fund en Evangelische Alliantie Sierra Leone: UFM Worldwide Missionaries).

Ook wij willen u hartelijk danken voor uw steun door middel van uw gift!

Greetings to all at the Kushe Foundation. We so appreciate your interest in helping respond to the devastating mudslide and flooding that hit Freetown on the 14th August. We are thankful that Mrs Heleen Yoder was able to link us together.  
We greatly appreciate the generosity of others in contributing towards the flood relief. God has done more than we could have asked or imagined in relation to providing us with the means to reach out to some of those who are suffering so much at this time. However, the ongoing needs are huge, as most of those affected were already very poor, and they have lost what little they had. The emergency camps are due to close on the 15th November, with no clear long-term solution to meet the needs of those affected.
We believe that God wants to work through His church in these types of crisis situations, and that the Church has a message of hope to share in the midst of despair. Most churches here do not have pots of money that can be used in emergency situations, but by us coming alongside them, and providing local churches with practical items to distribute, the church is able to play an active role in responding to the physical needs of those in their church or local community. By working in partnership with local churches, we have been able to support 232 families so far who have been affected. This is such a testimony to God’s provision and faithfulness. We are very careful not to be at the forefront of any distribution, we simply buy the items, make the delivery, do any sorting that is required, and then leave the church to do the distribution. That means God gets the glory, and people look to the local church, rather than looking at an organisation, or at us as missionaries. We are encouraged to hear testimonies of new people attending churches following the distribution of practical items, having an opportunity to hear God’s Word.
Our focus has been on providing basic hygiene supplies, household items, and food --- clean water, clothing, soap for washing, soap for laundry, Oral Rehydration Salts, bed sheets, sacks of rice, plates, cups, spoons, feminine hygiene products, buckets, laundry basins, and food storage containers. We have continued to access the situation, and hope to have a better picture of what is going to happen to the families when the Emergency Camps close in the middle of this month. We did a video update, primarily focused on the flood response at the beginning of October - you might be interested in watching it: https://vimeo.com/236781159

Points for prayer:

  • Pray that the national Church would be always seeking to be God's hands, feet and voice to hurting communities.
  • Pray for an effective, long-term government response to the huge needs.
  • Pray for God’s mercy & provision for people in need. Pray that many people would turn to Jesus.

As God continues to provide towards the response, we would value prayer for wisdom for us, as we consider which needs to prioritise & respond to in the short-term, and also in relation to longer-term needs.
 Crisis response is only one small aspect of our ministry here in Sierra Leone, but we want to ensure that any small way that we respond to the huge needs, is guided by God, glorifies His name, and has a tangible impact. We truly believe that every bar of soap, every packet of water, given in Christ’s name, does make a difference. Our labour is not in vain in the Lord. We are thankful that God sees, and knows, and is present, in the joys and in the sorrows.
Thank you so much for your support. Be assured that you are playing a part in seeing more of God’s Kingdom come in Sierra Leone.
God bless,
Lamin & Jayne Dumbuya
United for Ministry Sierra Leone
UFM Worldwide Missionaries

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